An introduction

Finding the necessary determination to continue learning Spanish could be challenging at times.

You might want to give up when encountering difficulties, such as complex vocabulary or grammatical rules.

But don’t let anything demotivate you!

Here are five strategies to help you regain your motivation.

Why do you need the motivation to learn Spanish?

Most importantly, motivation has a direct influence on learning.

One study indicated that motivation could be one of the key elements influencing language learning. And besides, your motivation can affect a variety of things, including how frequently you communicate with native speakers, whether you use learning methods, and much more.

The right kind of motivation can also increase the fun of learning. For example, studying will feel like something other than labor if you’re sincerely interested in learning Spanish. Instead, it will feel more like a crucial step toward achieving your objective.

Finally, the secret to fluency is motivation. Spanish language proficiency can take a while to achieve. While taking part in a Spanish work immersion abroad or doing volunteer work in Latin America will speed up your progress toward fluency, it might take longer than this to achieve complete fluency.

Since learning Spanish won’t happen overnight, you’ll need a lot of determination to push through times when you want to give up.

Many of us have experienced that demoralizing loss of motivation. As a result, you may occasionally pause and consider, “Why am I doing this? Is it worth it?

Here are five strategies to get back on the horse if you’re having a “crisis of faith” in Spanish or have reached the dreaded learning standstill and feel like you’ll never get out!

5 Strategies to regain learning Spanish when you’re about to give up

1. Write all the reasons you’re studying Spanish, and carry the list.

Your motivations for learning Spanish undoubtedly seem straightforward when you first begin. For example, you might want to travel, explore different cultures, hope for better employment opportunities, or even feel more connected to your ancestry.

However, none of these reasons will likely cross your mind when considering quitting.

Check your list anytime you encounter a problem that seems too difficult to solve or if you feel like missing your customary study session.

You can maintain your determination and focus by reminding yourself why you first decided to learn Spanish.

2. Take in genuine media.

Real Spanish-language media can be pretty encouraging to watch. When you watch something in a single sitting, you often feel genuinely invested in it. The very same addictive qualities can spur you on to advance your Spanish. If your favorite Spanish-language content is available, watching it will provide helpful practice and inspire you to work on your language abilities so that you won’t have to rely on subtitles or constantly hunt up new words.

Authentic media, which differs in content and presentation, can make Spanish lessons seem more exciting and dynamic. Additionally, you’ll gain some knowledge about Spanish culture.

3. Reward yourself.

Given how difficult learning Spanish is, you deserve a reward!

You can recognize your accomplishments and feel more motivated by rewarding yourself along the road. The operant conditioning hypothesis merely argues that we’re more inclined to continue engaging in an action if it results in a good experience.

To maintain your drive as you move forward, you might treat yourself when you accomplish either short- or long-term targets.

Long-term goal rewards can be beneficial as well.

4. Take on cultural aspects.

According to research, incorporating the cultural nuances of a second language can enhance learning. So, naturally, it might also make people more motivated to learn a language. In addition, you are more likely to be interested in learning a language if you are passionate about the culture that language is associated with.

5. Communicate or listen to others in Spanish.

Be as stealthy as you can, and if personal things are brought up, show respect by tuning them out. Don’t be creepy or anything! Nevertheless, listening to a family argue over the best type of pizza to buy can give you the impression that you possess a unique superpower, which may inspire you to develop your undiscovered talent.

Now you have it!

No doubt learning Spanish takes the right kind of drive. However, you will only need to look for a motive if you use these straightforward techniques.

You’ll be awesome if you only set aside 5 minutes each day for writing, listening, reading, and speaking. Rather than maintaining your level, you might raise it this way.

You won’t need more than 20 to 30 minutes each day to complete all of this, and you could perform the bulk of the routines at home, over your lunch break, or even while commuting.

No excuses!

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