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Our goal is to help you communicate in Spanish as fast as possible and in a fun way. All our Spanish Courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This means that our classes are designed on the four areas of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All our teachers are certified language teachers and have several years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


We want our courses to give our students not just a theoretical knowledge of Spanish but also a practical ability to use the language, to understand the language and be able to express themselves clearly in it. Our enthusiastic and highly-motivated teaching team will do their best to ensure that you have an extremely effective, yet at the same time very enjoyable, language learning experience.



Everybody is different and therefore everybody has his or her own personal way of learning. The same thing counts for teaching. All our teachers have their unique style of teaching and therefore it’s possible that you prefer one style over the other. Since you and your teacher will be working together intensively it’s important that you feel you have the found the teacher that is right for you. If you feel that you would like to try another teacher, please let us know and we arrange a class with another teacher so we can give you the quality of classes that you pay for.



“Hi, my name is Armando and I have a degree in Philosophy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I am a certified teacher of English (CELTA) and Spanish (DIAPELE), as a foreign language and translator. I am currently studying the XXXIII Technical Diploma in Medical Emergencies and I am conducting studies on colonial history in Mexico.”


“Hi, my name is Jonathan. I studied philosophy and literature at UNAM. I really like reading and learning other languages. I really enjoy teaching Spanish and teaching about my culture.”


“Hi, my name Xochitl and I have a degree in Hispanic Language and Literature. I love art, 19th century Mexican literature, taking photos, listening to music and drinking coffee. I am passionate about teaching and I do it with humanism, professionalism and dedication.”


“Hi my name is Francisco and I have a degree in Hispanic Language and Letters from UNAM. I worked at the Centro de Enseñanza Para Extranjero at UNAM as a teacher and coordinator of the CEPE-CELE Conversation Club. I have has nine years of experience as a teacher of Spanish as a second language, and I am the author of five books.”

Luis Antonio Vargas

Hello, my name is Luis Antonio Vargas, I am 37 years old and I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners since 2018. I studied at UNAM and I also work as a social media journalist. I really like teaching Spanish and sharing a bit of the culture and history of Mexico. I am a kitten lover and I love to go out on my bike and see new places with my girlfriend. I like meeting great people and visiting museums with my students. I like to go to the movies and enjoy tacos and Japanese food.


Hello! I'm Ita. I am originally from Oaxaca City and I live in Mexico City. I am passionate about teaching Spanish because I can share Mexican traditions and also learn from other cultures. Likewise, I have always liked learning new languages and traveling. Nice to meet you!


Hi, I'm Lucía, a Spanish teacher for seven years. I love my job because I learn something new every day and at the same time I like to share my perspective on Mexico and Spanish with my students. I studied a degree in Hispanic Language and Literature at UNAM and later did a diploma in Teaching Spanish for Foreigners also at UNAM. I really enjoy traveling, eating and swimming in the sea. I also have a giant dog that is my adore.



You may choose to have your Spanish lessons at your accommodation, in a café, or at our school, all for the same attractive rate!
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