Learn Spanish In Mexico City For Families

spanish for families

There is nothing more valuable than creating memorable moments in the lives of your children. What could possibly be more enriching the lives of your children than visiting another country, experience a different culture and learning a new language? The educational value of our Family Spanish Immersion Programs will have a profound and lasting impact on the education of your children.

We offer a variety of options for families coming to visit Mexico City. Often the structure consists of language instruction in combination with City Trips to explore different areas of interest in Mexico City. The language instruction can take place in our school or at your accommodation.


Parents and children will each have their own private language instructor to guarantee that both will benefit the most of the lessons. After the language instruction you will head out in to Mexico City together with your Private Spanish Teacher who will accompany you into your journey. Together we will plan the places that you would like to see and the activities that you would like to do as a family.

City Trips are a unique concept that gives you the opportunity to get to know the amazing Mexican culture and practice your Spanish in real-life situations.

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