Regular Spanish Classes in Mexico City

spanish conversation classes

During the Spanish Conversation Classes, you'll talk about topics related to your own experiences. In addition, your language instructor will go over languages elements other than traditional grammar and promotes practical language skills. This communicative approach will help you to speak Spanish naturally and fluently in no time

What is the objective of Spanish Conversation Classes?

The main objective of our conversation sessions is to improve your communication skills in Spanish. Consequently, Spanish conversation classes stand in contrast with regular classes, as grammar is not the main focus. Moreover, the teacher is a facilitator, rather than an instructor.

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How often should I take conversation sessions?

​We believe that one conversation class a week isn't enough to improve your Spanish level. The only way to become really fluent in Spanish is to use it as often as possible. Twice a week is a good start, but three times a week or more is much better. In addition, all our teachers are native speakers, something that will contribute significantly to your learning process. 

Meet with locals during your conversation classes

While taking your Spanish Conversation Classes, you will meet up with Mexicans that won't speak any English! This is essential because they force you to speak Spanish and don't allow you to fall back on your own language. Similarly, talking to different people, you won't get accustomed to just one conversation partner. You will encounter different accents and a broad variety of words and expressions, from slang to formal speech. Soon you will have enough vocabulary to express your ideas correctly in each corresponding social context. 

Reading texts or watching video's will help you prepare for classes

If your still a beginner, it might be a good idea to improve your Spanish first before attending conversation classes. This way, you'll be ready to maintain a conversation. The hardest part of a having conversation in a different language is lack of vocabulary. By watching videos or reading books, articles, or other texts about a specific topic beforehand, you’ll increase your vocabulary. Leave the rest to the teacher!

Bring a notebook to jot down new words and phrases

Bring a notebook with you when attending your conversation sessions. Write down all new words, phrases, and expressions that come up during the class and read your notes afterwards. This way you'll get familiarized with the new vocabulary to employ it in the future.

Record your Spanish conversation classes

One of the best things you can do to get the most out of your conversation classes is to record each session. Once the class is finished, you can play back your conversation a couple of times to discover mistakes and pick out the new words and phrases. Moreover, listening to yourself will help you assess your own pronunciation and intonation

Focus on pronunciation

Finally, it’s important to recognize that these sessions are meant to improve your fluency and pronunciation. You won't have to waste your valuable time on trivial grammar details that you will pick up throughout your learning journey anyhow. Remember: The less you struggle with grammar, the more you fluent you are. Just go with the flow and you’ll be speaking Spanish like a pro!

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