Learn Spanish in Mexico City

explore mexico city together with your private spanish teacher

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and there are countless things to see and to do. It can be a challenge to decide what you want to see and to do when you are here. Also getting to these places in the most efficient and safe way is important to know. We understand that coming to another country, within one of the biggest cities can be exciting and maybe a bit daunthing. you want to see andDo you want to get to know the amazing Mexican culture and practice your Spanish at the same time? We offer a unique concept called City Trips in which you can explore different parts of Mexico City together with your Spanish teacher. You will be able to visit areas of your personal interest or your teacher can suggest various parts of the city and activities that you can do when you are here. 

City Trips are a unique way to visit parts of Mexico City that maybe otherwise you would haven't find by yourself or maybe didn't even know they existed. Your Spanish teacher will show you the real Mexican culture and together you can visit food markets, take the metro, visit museums, beautiful neighborhoods, ride a bike in Condesa, and much more.

During this Total Immersion experience you will be able to practice your Spanish in real-life situations. Besides talking Spanish with your private Spanish teacher you will find yourself in different situations with other locals so you can use your Spanish on the streets in Mexico City!

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