Why Us?


We are different. We donโ€™t offer groups classes, only private Spanish lessons. We donโ€™t believe in a one methodology fits all. Every student learns in a different way. So what makes us unique and how do we work? Before you start your Spanish course we will first set up a Free Diagnostic call with your Spanish teacher. This is important because you and your teacher will be working together closely.

During the diagnostic conversation your Spanish teacher will assess your Spanish level, establish your learning objectives & preferences. You can choose to have lessons at our school, your accommodation, a cafรฉ, or explore Mexico City with our unique City Trips concept. All for the same affordable price. Our goal is not just to teach Spanish. We want you to have a life changing experience!

"My wife and I have received 30-hours course respectively. She started at a beginner level and I took an intermediate one. And both of us are quite satisfied with the class. Jorrit, the coordinator, has been extremely attentive and helpful, and our instructor, Karen has proved her excellency in teaching. From our experiences, I would highly recommend this institute to who wants to learn Sapnish from the very beginning or, anyone wants to improve his/her Spanish language skill from intermediate level."
Seungjin Son
"Our family of four, including two children ages 6 and 8, took classes for two weeks at Learn Spanish in Mexico City. Before we even arrived, Jorrit, the coordinator, was very attentive and worked hard to match us with teachers who best fit our different learning styles. Having already met their teacher on Skype, the kids in particular felt very comfortable going to class and were excited for the first day. Once we arrived, everyone was very caring, and our Spanish levels improved dramatically. The school was also located in a beautiful area (between Coyoacan and San Angel) with lots of inviting cafes and bookshops, and it was easy to navigate from school to the rest of the city. We would definitely recommend this school to learners of all ages!"โ€‹
Daniel Tyx
"I did a 5-hr private instruction. I cannot say enough great things about my instructor Carlos. Everything he taught was catered to my own needs. Everything was done in Spanish but in an understandable way. I was very impressed with the care and the attention he gave me and cannot thank him enough. The administrator was really sweet, too. Everything was arranged smoothly. I highly recommend them. Todas las instrucciones que estudiamos en la clase estaban util, y todos los ejemplos que el maestro uso para explicar la gramatica estaban construido con parabolas utils. Yo quede muy impressionado con la clase. No puedo expresar mi gratitud totalmente en espanol!โ€‹"
Miri N
"My teacher really tries to adjust the lessons to my needs, it's very satisfying."โ€‹
โ€‹Martijn van Leeuwen
"The spanish classes with Karime delivered even more than expected. The learning materials provided were really great, and cater to expats living in Mexico. You learn about Mexican culture while you learn the language. People at any level can take the classes. Would recommend 100%"
Elizabeth Hodapp
โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹"Very efficient lessons that made my job interview in Spanish very professional! Thanks"โ€‹โ€‹
Mr. K. Uylenbroek
"I just completed a month of classes with Learn Spanish in Mexico City. I can highly recommend them both for the quality of teaching and for their willingness to work with you to structure classes to your needs. Jorrit runs the school and is the person you're in contact with to set things up. He is extremely helpful and accommodating. After arriving, he kept in close contact to see how classes were going. I met with my instructor 3 times per week for a couple of hours and we had conversation classes โ€“ I had already taken quite a few grammar classes in the U.S. After an evaluation via Skype with my instructor, he felt that conversation classes were what I needed. I'm an architect so we visited interesting architectural sites and then talked about them. Carlos, my teacher, had studied architecture so he was very knowledgeable and even came up with some sites that I didn't know about. I was very pleased with Carlos' ability as a teacher and his flexibility with scheduling. This was a great experience, my Spanish improved measurably and I would do it again!โ€‹"
Peter Yackel
"I am having Spanish lessons twice a week and it is great. Jorrit is very helpful and makes the process very easy. They are flexible with times and days is you need to change them. Overall the experience has been great. My teacher is lovely and I feel like I am making good progress with my Spanish through the materials provided. I would highly recommend this if you what to learn Spanish."
Rosanna Jane Roper
"I like the lessons. My teacher only talks in Spanish and that is what I really need."โ€‹โ€‹
Ms. Edith Westerhof
โ€‹โ€‹"Learn Spanish in Mexico City is a fantastic service run by skilled, personable teachers. Even more importantly, they have a natural talent for connecting with students on an individual basis and making them feel comfortable."
Jerome Douglas
"I was passed on the contact details of this school by a friend. Jorrit was brilliant organising the details of how my course would run and very supportive when sorting out my payment for the 30 hour course. I am now having lessons for an hour and a half two times a week and as a complete beginner the programme has been tailor made to l suit my needs. I canโ€™t believe how quickly my Spanish is progressing from this tailored approach and I put this down to having a fantastic teacher, who has begun by teaching me phonics, syllables, spelling rules and stesses. I would highly recommend this programme and the materials have been supported by lots of additional information and photocopies!"
Emma Wakelin
"Their teachers are intelligent, engaging, and most important in my case; patient. I had 3 immersive lessons in a row and think my Spanish conversation has gone to the next level."โ€‹
Griffin Dunne
"I had a great time learning Spanish with Lucia! The classes were well organised and tailored to my level and interests, the material was engaging and taught me a lot about Mexican culture and history. Highly recommend it!"
Anne Wrede
"โ€‹We are very pleased with the lessons. Besides learning Spanish it is fun to learn things about Mexico."โ€‹โ€‹
โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Mies Galle
"Elizabeth was great. Super patient and passionate about the language. Real fun learning process with her. Working with the rest of the team also seamless. 5 gold stars and a big tick from me. Gracias para todo."
Sam Shnaps
"I just completed my two week intensive Spanish course, and have only positive things to say about my experience. Jorrit was extremely helpful and organized from the start, and the instructor, Carlos was fantastic in his customized approach of working with me to build structure to push my abilities to the next level. Thanks guys!"
Sara Fort
"I really enjoyed my spanish classes. They are great, their classes are a lot of fun."
Roel Blomsma
"My experience with Learn Spanish in Mexico City was great! The communication was perfect, the offer sufficient and my teacher Karime was incredible young woman full of nice approach to teaching as well as insights of Mexican cultures from the local point of view. I can only recommend! :)"
Petra Sykorova
โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹"I only have positive words about my teacher. She is very flexible in choosing the topics of the class (a lot of times I ask for direct applicable examples) and interwinds automatically all the necesary knowledge into the class material."
Bob Vis
"I was in Mexico City for a month, and signed up for 10 hours a week of Spanish instruction. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and within my four weeks progressed to a point where I could not only function reasonably comfortably in basic situations (ordering in restaurants, shopping, navigating public transit), but could also hold conversations with friends. The instruction was geared to my level and needs, and featured "typical" language exercises (e.g. verb practice, vocabulary building) as well as creative multi-media elements (e.g. film and music clips) and lots of conversation. The city trips were fantastic. I got to visit neighbourhoods and events that I probably would not have been able to enjoy as a solo traveller. Highly recommended."โ€‹
Heather Young
"Highly recommend this organization to learn Spanish. I signed up for daily 1:1 classes for a month. It was perfect. The teacher listened to what I was looking for, and crafted lessons specifically to those needs."โ€‹
"Wonderful. I contacted them with a bizarre request - only having one specific afternoon for classes and an interest in discussing some pretty specific vocabulary. Jorrit and the team were able to accommodate all of my needs with lots of flexibility, and gave me great support along the way. I worked with profesor Carlos who was excellent. Will definitely be back!"
Laura Carlton
"I'm very happy with my lessons and with my teacher."โ€‹โ€‹
Melissa Powys
"My experience with Jorrit and his team has been great. In addition to teaching the language they also served as a tour guide which made the tranition into CDMX much more comfortable. If you're serious about getting the most from your time in Mexico City I highly recommend.โ€‹"
Nate T.
"I highly recommend Learn Spanish in Mexico City. Jorrit, the Director, has been very responsive in answering all my questions in a timely fashion and has helped me set up a program best suited for my needs. My teacher, Ernesto, has been fantastic. He is incredibly patient, keeps classes interesting and interactive with dialogue, videos and music, excursions in the city, and various assignments. Learning a language is not easy, but LSMC has definitely met (and exceeded) my expectations for a Spanish language school".
Andrew Katzโ€‹
"I am very happy with my teacher, I like her approach. She is very comitted and pleasant to talk to."โ€‹
Rogier Klop
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