Learn Spanish in Mexico CIty Skype

Individual online Spanish classes via Skype

Online Spanish classes are a fantastic option. Face-to-face classes might offer some interesting possibilities. You can meet your teacher in person. You can take individual classes at our location or any other location in Mexico City. Or you might want to try going on one of our popular City Trips. However online Spanish classes also have a great deal of benefits.

Why take online Spanish classes?

Do you have a busy schedule? Do you want to avoid traffic to get to your classes? Are you staying at a place where there are no Spanish schools? Online Spanish is the best solution for you. You can take your classes in the comfort of your home, at your office or anywhere you choose. The only thing you need is a proper device with webcam and audio. It is also important to have an internet connection of 15+ Mbps.

What about my material when I take online classes?

All your material will be provided digitally, so no hassle with books or binders. If you also want the physical material, you can always order it additionally.

Moreover, our Individual Live Online Spanish Classes come with a flexible schedule and the option to select or change your teacher. With Online Spanish we can adapt our courses even better to your necessities.

Continue your Spanish classes wherever you want

You have already taken a face-to-face course in Mexico City and want to continue while traveling through the rest of the country. No worries! We offer online Spanish courses with flexible schedules and teachers that will adapt your classes to your needs and possibilities. Imagine yourself zipping a martini at the beach while learning the language of the locals through your phone or tablet! However, it is important to have a stable 15+ Mbps connection. So, make sure you have an acceptable Wi-Fi signal strength at your ‘palapa’.

Online Spanish classes whenever you want

When contracting our services, we will help you select the best schedule possible. That way you won’t have to miss any of your classes. We understand that when traveling or working, you might not be able to take your classes on the same days and times every week. We offer flexible programs so you can indicate at what time or what day you would like to take your next class (restrictions apply). Please, contact us for more information about our flexible online Spanish classes.

Combine face-to-face and skype classes

If you are in Mexico City but you cannot come to your face-to-face classes as often as you would like to, we offer you the possibility to take private classes in person in combination with skype-based classes. That way you can take advantage of the benefits of both modalities.

Experiences online Spanish teachers

Teaching online is not the same as teaching in person. Many of the dynamics and methods used for regular classes cannot be used for Skype-based classes. Fortunately, our teachers at Learn Spanish in Mexico City are very experiences and have adjusted their teaching methods to optimize the results of online Spanish classes. They offer fun and interactive activities through skype-based Spanish Lessons. Besides, all of your material is digitally provided online and can be downloaded when and wherever you want.

Tailor made courses to match your individual objectives

We can customize your online Spanish learning experience. Enjoy tailor-made lessons provided by some of the most experienced online Spanish teachers in the world. Online language training gives you the support & motivation you need to succeed with a personal touch.

Other advantages of online Spanish courses

Nowadays, there are so many online tools available, studying and taking classes really becomes more efficient. Teachers can share materials in the blink of an eye. You can check out online exercises and texts together with your teacher. Learning becomes a whole new experience. It’s faster, more efficient, more effective, and with the right teacher, it’s even more fun.

Difference between in-person and live online classes

An experienced teacher will be able to conduct live online classes as efficiently and effectively as an in-person class. The only difference might be the human contact. Some might argue that live online classes might be better than in-person classes, because both student and teacher have all material at hand, just a click away. Eventually, it all comes down to the experience of the teacher and the wishes of each student.


Tips for online Spanish classes

Before you order your online skype classes, please make sure you have the right equipment. Also, you should have a stable internet connection with 15+ Mbps.

Use two devices instead of one

You could take your classes on just one device. However, we recommend you use both your pc and a tablet or phone. You can open Skype on both devices. That way, on one device you can communicate with your teacher and on the other device you can check online texts, audio, and exercises.

Pick the right place to take your online classes

Make sure you are in the right environment. Of course, you can take your lessons wherever you want, but make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. Also, avoid noisy places. Not only for you, but also for your teacher. Your mic will pick up sounds of your environment and increase their volume. That can affect the quality of the class.

Also, make sure your location has enough but not too much light. It’s important to be able to see each other clearly to establish good communication.

online spanish classes skype

Get more out of your skype classes

So, you’re all set to go. You have your devices configured and your digital or physical material in front of you. You found a quite spot with good light. Wonderful, now we’re ready to get started with your online Spanish classes. But, to make sure you get the most out of your course, there are some things you need to take into consideration.

  • Make sure you’re online a couple of minutes before the class begins. Our teachers give several classes per day. Your schedule is the one we agreed upon. Your teacher probably won’t be able to reschedule on the same day or spend more time on your class. Also, you’ll probably need some time to connect and get installed. So, get ready a couple of minutes before the class to make sure you don't waste any precious class minutes.
  • Avoid noisy and dark places. Your teacher needs to be able to hear and see you clearly in order to communicate with you and teach you properly.
  • As with regular classes, make sure you check your exercises and investigate some aspects yourself you can discuss in class. Learning a new language requires much more than just a couple of classes per week. Try to see what else you can do to keep on practicing outside class hours.

Not sure if you want to start with your online classes?

First of all, you can always give us a call or contact us per e-mail. Our staff is always happy to provide you with more information. You can also check some of the comments of our other students. Finally, we also offer a free placement conversation to determine your level.

How to order your online Spanish classes

If you have made up your mind and decide to come on board, order your package of online classes here. You can order anywhere between 1 and 60 hours with one single payment. Still have doubts? Please, contact us and we will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Do you have a question or would you like to have a personalized quote?