frida kahlo museum

Visit the house where Frida Kahlo lived and died.


​​About the Frida Kahlo Museum

Museo de Frida Kahlo is the house in which Frida Kahlo actually was born and died. The house is painted in deep indigo color. You can see the garden where she walked, the tiled kitchen, her sunny studio, her bed and her mirror.

It seems almost obscene wandering around the house and looking around. Furniture, books with annotations, everyday objects, the collection of butterflies, but also her corsets and prosthetics, reflections of a life marked by pain. A sharp contrast to the vitality of the space. A house designed for living, inviting, sharing, and working. But the house is not only about Frida Kahlo. Diego Rivera is present in the garden, in the mosaics, and in the studio.

The Casa Azul exhibits some of the most famous works by Frida Kahlo, such as Viva la Vida, as well as collections of folk art they loved both, and part of the collection of pre-Hispanic pieces by Diego.

After visiting the house, go out into the garden with strongly Mexican landscaping since it was Frida who vindicated her identify by wearing handcrafted clothing to show the dignity of her indigenous origins. In the shop there are interesting objects of folk art inspired by the most famous creator of Mexico, an icon of modernity.