los dinamos

The only river in the city, ideal to enjoy a day outdoors.

About Los Dinamos

Río Magdalena is the only river that still runs in Mexico City. The river crosses the traditional village of Santa María Magdalena Atlitic, where you can visit the Purísima Concepción church, the Casa de Bellas Artes, where Juventino Rosas composed the waltz Sobre las Olas, the María Magdalena church and the Parque de la Estación, with a huge mural.

Santa María Magdalena Atlitic grew thanks to the textile industry. The old dynamos, or electric generators, are the only remmant of those times left today. You can see them at the Los Dinamos National Park. This ecotourism park is a perfect place to spend a family day crossing the streams and waterfalls of the Magdalena river. At the service area you will find traditional food and home-made pulques.

Adventure sports fans find Los Dinamos the perfect place for climbing, mountain biking, or hiking routes.

Some suggestions..

1. Visit the town of Santa María Magdalena Atlitic and stop to eat or to have an ice-cream at the traditional tourist market.

2. Go horseback riding at Los Dinamos National Park.
Try the traditional mushroom broth in the food stalls at the park.

3. Drink flavoured pulques that you'll find at the traditional food stalls.

4. Do a hiking route with friends or family at the Los Dinamos National Park.