The magnificent Alameda Central Park is one of the jewels of Mexico City. Take a break and find a moment to appreciate the beauty of this park that once was a place of recreation for the colonial aristocracy. Over the centuries it has acquired character and charm with its fountains, its centennial trees, its hemicycle, its walks and its relaxed atmosphere, ideal for family walks, as portrayed by Diego Rivera.

Some indispensable places in Mexico City give shape to this unique area. Dominating is the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, an art nouveau jewel on the outside, art deco on the inside, with a pleasant esplanade adorned with sculptures. It is a meeting point for city dwellers.

Wherever you look you will find something worth visiting: to the east of the Palace of Fine Arts, the architectural caprice that is the Postal Palace; to the north, a small square gives access to the Franz Mayer Museum, the National Museum of the Estampa and the Church of Santa Veracruz; to the south, the ancient Temple of Corpus Christi, with a beautiful facade, and the impressive Museum of Memory and Tolerance; and to the west, the Diego Rivera Mural Museum and the new Alameda Art Laboratory. If you go a block to the south you will find the fabulous Museum of Popular Arts and, beyond, the Citadel; and crossing the Reforma Avenue, the Revolution Monument with a magnificent viewpoint, and you will find the San Fernando Pantheon Museum.

More than enough to fill a complete day with sightseeing!


1. Take the Palacio de Bellas Artes tour to know the history of Tiffany’s unique curtain. Visit the extraordinary exhibitions. Stop to observe the detail of the interior design.

2. Sit on a bench in the Alameda park or at the entrance of El Palacio de Bellas Artes relax watching all the people walking by.

3. Go up to the platform in the dome of the Revolution Monument for a spectecular view. If possible go when it’s getting dark because then the monument is illuminated in different colors.

4. Buy souvernirs in the magnificent store of Museo de Artes Populares, or look for something unique in the Mexican Market of Curiosities San Juan (Mercado de Curiosidades SMexicanas de San Juan) or in the Ciudalea Market. There you will find a lot of typical Mexican souvenirs.

5. Enter the colonial style post office (Palacio Postal) and take photos of its spectacular staircase and, outside, from the gargoyles and the unique clock.

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