When you visit Coyoacán you’ll find a place full of history, charm and legends. From the time of Hernán Cortés until today, visitors from all over the world have been enchanted by the beauty of the place. Coyoacán was a refuge for artists; Octavio Paz strolled through these streets and here is the home of Frida Kahlo and the House of Leon Trotsky Museum.

The center of Coyoacán is marked by the Hidalgo Garden, in what was the former atrium of the former convent and the parish of San Juan Bautista, surrounded by colonial buildings of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, such as the house of Diego de Ordaz and The Municipal House, headquarters of the first municipality of the Valley of Mexico. In the plaza intellectuals, students, families gather. Coyocan always breathes a relaxed atmosphere, its restaurant terraces and cafés are meeting points for food and social gatherings. You will find a food market and a souvenirs market together with some of the most traditional canteens of the city.

A short walk takes you to the Plaza de la Conchita, with its temple with picturesque buildings. A bit further, in what was the old Camino Real (now Francisco Sosa Street) you will find the Alvarado House which houses the National Fonoteca, the Italian House of Culture and the Casa Jesus Reyes Heroles. And, if you walk a bit firther you will arrive to the beautiful Parque de los Viveros which is actually a tree greenhouse, growing and planting trees for the other parks in Mexico City.


1. Take the Coyoacán tram to take the tour of the center, visit its main attractions and know the legends of the place. 

2. Visit the House Museum of Frida Kahlo, which offers a look at the artist’s most intimate universe. 

3. Take a snack at the different food stands, or have a torta at the food market. 

4. Stroll through the Coyoacan streets and soak up the charm of a landscape of beautiful gardens and colorful facades. 

5. Take a yoga class, go for a walk or go jogging in Viveros Park.

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