world trade center

Fun and business in the heart of Insurgentes, the great artery of the City of Mexico.


​​About the area..

The World Trade Center tower (WTC for city residents) is the landmark skyscraper of southern downtown. At the top, the only rotating restaurant in the city, making a complete circle every hour. Below, one of the major business centers of the capital. Nearby, the impressive Polyforum Siqueiros, a masterwork designed by the great Mexican artist with extraordinary murals. Around the WTC you will find many shops, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and cafes. And to the south, is Parque Hundido (the Hidden Park), an oasis of green in the intense tumult of the city.

Insurgentes is a continuous flow of people at any time. In the morning the people arrive who work in the offices, then their clients arrive, and in between them the conference attendees arrive to the WTC too. Throughout the day the shopping area is filled with people looking around and buying stuff and tourists stop to visit the magnificent Polyforum Siqueiros.

Students listen to the informative talk about the murals. Families and lovers take walks at Parque Hundido. And football fans watch their favorite team at Estadio Azul. Bullfighting enthusiasts also walk through here on their way to La Monumental (Plaza de Toros Mexico). At dusk, couples and friends come to dine, watch a show, or a movie. Activity never stops. It is one of the most dynamic areas in the city.


Some suggestions..

1. Reserve a table at the Bellini restaurant and sit at a table right next to the great windows. You will have your meal while having a spectecular rotating view over Mexico City.

2. Take pictures from below of the skyscraper from below. Looks pretty cool.

3. Go to the light and sound show at Polyforum Siqueiros to listen to Siqueiros himself narrating his work La Marcha de la Humanidad (The March of Humanity).

4. Go to a show in one of the theaters in the area.

5. Stroll along Parque Hundido between the pre-Hispanic sculptures.