A paradise of nature, forests and towns of colonial charm.


​​About the area..

Provincial atmosphere in the narrow streets of San Agustín de las Cuevas, with manor houses like La Casona. On one side of the tree-lined square lies the San Agustin Church from the 16th century, the La Paz market, the canteen La Jalisciense  and Los Portales, where services such as the telegraph and the coalyard used to be, and has converted nowadays into restaurants.

Around Tlalpan are some of the most important natural areas of Mexico City. Families, students and run-fanatics will find an authentic green oasis at the Fuentes Brotantes National Park, at the lake, and in the Loreto Peña Pobre eco-tourism park. Archaeology lovers must visit Cuicuilco. Cuicuilco is one of the cradles of the Mexico Valley civilizations, the forerunner of the Teotihuacan civilization.

Adventurers will enjoy hiking at the Tlalpan forest or at the rugged terrain of Cumbres del Ajusco National Park. The routes inside the park, as well as the bike path up to La Cima in the town of Parres, are two of the favorite destinations for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Some suggestions..

1. Walk through the center of Tlalpan, behold its manor houses and tree-lined plazas, enter a century-old cantina and taste the authentic provincial atmosphere.

2. Spend a family day by the lake at Fuentes Brotantes National Park watching the ducks, walking on the trails or eating quesadillas.

3. Visit the circular pyramid of Cuicuilco, a magnificent building where the god of fire was worshiped, and which was devoured by the volcano.

4. Hike up to the lava caves on the slopes of Xitle volcano. Very special.

5. Get together with friends, grab a bike and bike all the way to La Cima.