la ciudadela souvenir market

The place to be to find typical Mexican souvenirs.


​​About la ciudadela souvenir market

A colorful party unfolds every step of the way in this handicraft market: shelves with skulls, jars, jaguar heads made of black clay, wood or decorated with Huichol; Traditional toys, palm baskets, saddlery; vases, pots and dishes of talavera; Alebrijes or reproductions of prehispanic pieces. All the crafts that are seen in the markets of the country's tourist centers, you can find them here.

In November 2015 the market celebrated its 50 years of existence and the market is experiencing one of its best moments. There is private security, parking is exclusive for visitors, and there are cameras in all corridors to ensure the safety of all, alleys are wide, open daily and in some shops, in addition to offering the product, you can observe how they make it, Which makes the visit a pleasant experience.

But it's not all about buying crafts. In the center of the market you will find a patio and around it is a nice restaurant where you can eat a variety of delicious local dishes for good prices and even enjoy a beer to withstand the heat. Some stalls sell tequila, mezcal or typical sweets.

You can pay in some shops with credit card, but it will be more advantagous to pay in cash because sometimes discounts will be offered. The sellers invite you to check the quality of their products and, most of the time, the more you look at it, the more you want to buy them, so it is very difficult to leave the markey empty handed!