This small and fascinating destination in Mexico City is located on the skirts of the Cerro de la Estrella, where rebirth is celebrated since ancient times (before with the Fuego Nuevo ceremony and today during Holy Week). To learn about the roots of the town, the best thing to do is to go to the unique Pasión por Iztapalapa Cultures Museum.

Teotihuacan died and Culhuacán was born. Here lies the lineage of the Mexica rulers. Cultural and religious center from the pre-Hispanic era; its importance was such that the Augustians decided to build the convent of San Juan Evangelista, with an exquisite cloister and very interesting murals (do not miss La Adoración de los Reyes). However, it is Divino Salvador del Calvario Chapel, which was an ancient pre-Hispanic sanctuary, where the local religious pulse is lived with more fervor.

At Culhuacán, a particular celebration takes place each Holy Week. Since the 19th century, the Passion of Christ is staged at Cerro de la Estrella with its neighbors as protagonists. Thousands participate and millions more come to watch this peculiar Stations of the Cross.


1. Go to Cerro de la Estrella any day to see the magnificent views over Mexico City.

2. Go during Holy Week to observe the collective fervor during the staging of the Passion of Christ.

3. Visit the former convent of San Juan Evangelista and look upon every detail: the murals, the beautiful columns, the carved doors…

4. Get to know your roots at Cultures Museum a unique interactive museum.

5. Live the popular religious celebrations at one of original 16 towns of the municipality.

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