​​Chapultepec and Polanco, at first sight antagonistic, are intimately connected. A chain of cultural sites connects Chapultepec, the great lung of Mexico City, with the rest of the city beginning with Polanco, its most cosmopolitan neighborhood. Sit on the steps of the National Auditorium to watch all kinds of people: sportsmen, street musicians, men and women in suits, grandparents with children, intellectuals and families. Everyone comes and they all fit.

Chapultepec is the great iconic forest of Mexico City. It is the family walk of the weekend. The place to do sports. The scene of young couples. Miles of trails, lakes, the Chapultepec Castle, the zoo, the fair, the parks and even a graveyard. In addition to the great areas of art and culture, the Museum of Modern Art, the Tamayo Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology, together with the National Auditorium and the Study of Luis Barragán, are not to be missed.

This spirit moves to Polanco, where the streets honor illustrious personages of the sciences and the arts between mansions of colonial Californian style and modern buildings; boutiques, art galleries, embassies, luxury brands, parks and museums, and a great scene of restaurants and cafés. Located on the side of the neighborhood are the large towers of the hotel zone and at the other end, an exclusive shopping area with the most avant-garde museums, such as the Soumaya Museum, the Jumex Museum, and Acuario Inbursa, the largest aquarium of Latin America.​


​1. Stroll through the Chapultepec forest and rent a peddle boat to go on the lake.

2. Go to the National Museum of Anthropology, one of the most important anthropology museums in the world.

3. Relax by having a good coffee on a terrace, reading the newspaper or a good book; or walking into a bookstore or an art gallery; or enjoying the nice weather under a centenary tree of Chapultepec.

4. Visit the major museums of contemporary art: the Museum of Modern Art, the Tamayo Museum, the Soumaya Museum and the Jumex Museum. Or go to the Inbursa Aquarium.

5. Eat in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, located in Polanco.

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