Santa Fe Learn Spanish in Mexico CIty

santa fé business district

The most modern and exclusive area of ​​the city. Shopping, business and excellent hotels and restaurants.


​​About Santa Fé Business District

From any viewpoint in Mexico City you can spot the tall skyscrapers of Santa Fe glistening in the sun. Santa Fe has grown in the last decade to become one of the most exclusive areas of the city. This is where the large corporate headquarters relocated to. Luxury hotels and hypermodern, cutting-edge apartment towers arose. Some very well known fine restaurants opened their doors in Santa Fe and Bosques de las Lomas. And still new and large shopping centers are opening with luxury brands, leisure areas, and everything else that anyone could ever want or need.

From all of over Mexico thousands of people come to do business in Santa Fe. They spend a weekend doing shopping and, explore the most exclusive side of Mexico City, or participate in one of the macroevents organized there.

If you want to combine shopping, fine dining, spa's, entertainment during day and night this is your destination.


Some suggestions..

1. Organize a shopping weekend.

2. Combine a business trip with pleasure. 

3. Check out the schedule of activities and events: there is always a promotion of somekind.

4. Make a reservation at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city.

5. Why not? Go ice skating.